Yer a wizard! Halloween 2017

It’s no secret that I’m a little (read: a lot) Harry Potter obsessed!! I convinced the kids to dress up as Harry, Ron, and Hermione this year (though, the promise of lots of candy is usually enough to convince them of about anything lol) Thus entails quite the adventure…

1. I couldn’t find the pieces I wanted anywhere (or for a decent price!) The only things I ended up buying were black t-shirts from Wal Mart, the ties and the HP glasses! Not too bad!

2. I waited until the day of to start sewing #momgoals 😉 ha! It was insanely easy to make the robes out of t-shirts but it was def too small for Addison, oh well, she rocked it! Here is the tutorial I followed!! Honestly, I did way less steps.. I turned it outside out, had them lay on it so I could draw lines and then just sewed the lines and cut the excess.. boom!! Done in 5!

3. Apparently, no one knows who Ron and Hermione are unless they are fans because the number of people who said “Oh wow, 3 Harry Potters!” made me cringe lol

4. I wanted Hunter’s white hair to be red/orange like Ron’s… I made the huge mistake of using fluorescent orange spray (ha!! another mom win, not lol) I edited the photos to tone it down but y’all.. it was like BRIGHT orange. Whoops lol.

5. I also forgot to braid Addison’s hair wet the night before so I ended up having to curl/tease it.. I love how it turned out though! Her hair grows so dang fast! It was only a year ago it was above her chin length!!


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