We are PCS’ing and it’s Winging Week! Let’s go!

I want to just shout from the rooftops, we are FINALLY moving! Finally settling down somewhere for more than a year! AH! I can still remember the day, 4 years (woah, 4 years…) that we found out Nick was not only selected for STA-21 to transition from Enlisted to Officer, but he was given a pilot spot.. cue the disbelief! We were shocked! Then we found out that we could pick any school in the United States on this long list for him to complete his bachelor’s degree at in order to commision. SAY WHAT.. we tossed around Oregon and a few other places, but we chose Colorado together. Nick had never even been and wasn’t sure he’d like it.. Colorado obviously proved him SO wrong.. we loved every minute there!! The 2 years flew by!!

Before we knew it, we were headed to Pensacola, Florida, where we first met 10 years ago, where we got married at the courthouse (so cliche military of us lol). We knew we might be here a year, or 2 if he selected helos. We never let ourselves settle in though, that next duty station was always on our mind. I wish I could live more in the moment sometimes but with kids, it’s hard not to think about what the future holds. Owning my own business complicates things even more.

It came time to put in Nick’s dream sheet, his list of places he wanted to go and platform of helicopters he wanted to fly. We tossed the top spot back and forth.. San Diego or Jacksonville? Which was better for us? For our family? We loved the 5 years we spent in San Diego before.. should we go back? Our lives are so different now than they were then. Broke and 20 in San Diego is a little different than established and almost 30 (I hope anyways..) He could choose from Japan, Hawaii, Virginia, Guam, Jax, San Diego… but we finally narrowed it down together. Top spot.. San Diego.. this time we’d want to live in Coronado.

The days came and went, every day we expected to find out and there would be no news. We told ourselves that everyone finds out by Friday before they wing, they just do. Except when they don’t. Today is Monday, he wings Friday.. they have to tell us right!? Thankfully, YES. Of course, Nick was put on a watch today so he had to be on a conference call and listen in while everyone found out. Venzke – HSM West.

We’re coming home Coronado!

Excuse me, I’ll be over here packing, drinking 71305137 holiday lattes from Starbucks, and crossing all of my fingers that we get the house we want so badly! Send us your magical PCS fairy dust, please. Because of course, we are doing a DITY move, we wouldn’t dare let anyone else touch our stuff 😉 (Kidding, but we fell into doing DITY moves years ago and it always works out so well, so why not!)

And for old time’s sake, the week we left Coronado in 2014. These babies are twice the age now, AH!


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  • So excited you finally got the official word and welcome back! Seriously want to book a holiday mini family session if your in the area and up for it!

  • Love this so much!! <3 So incredibly excited for this next chapter in your life. Can't wait to watch the Venzke clan thrive in Coronado!!