Tomorrow We Find Out Our Future

Tomorrow, tomorrow Nick finds out what aircraft the Navy wants him to continue onward in training with. Tomorrow decides whether we stay where we are for another 8 months or whether we need to pack our entire house in 2 weeks. Tomorrow decides how the rest of my flyboy’s career will go. And it’s totally out of our hands. There is something so terrifying about that but also exciting. Almost like, “well it’s out of our hands and it is what it is,” that’s what we keep saying to ourselves anyway. The Navy Pilot pipeline is long but we are really only at the beginning, okay maybe 1/3 of the way through. Nick just completed Primary and will be selecting tomorrow. That is what they call it, even though you aren’t really the one selecting at all lol. And we have NO idea what will come of it, we’ve both had theories but ultimately, you just don’t know! I’ll be sure to write again once we know. But to all my fellow spouses in this position, tell me how prepared?? How you celebrated?? We are feeling #allthefeelings over here!!

This was the day Nick completed his first ever solo during the IFS phase of training, a civilian flight school.ย 


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  • Very true in the use of the word selection. Like you actually have any choice in the matter. The word “selection” is more of an illusion. I bought Matt a gift that works regardless of the platform he is given. I made sure not to make the gift anything specific. I think I’ll save that for his winging. Im making reservations for dinner. Were also practicing the ‘Its out of our hands” way of life. Its crazy the feelings you have the 48 hours leading up to it. I know, weve always known we wouldn’t know our fate till selection but when that day is 6-12 months out you dont really think on it. Now that that date is here I have both an overwhelming sense of I need to know NOW… and at the same time “Eh its whatever” #allthefeels is truly in full swing right now