The “Game” We Play That Changed Our Family Dynamic

*A super dated family photo because you obvs can’t do a text-only blog post these days right? #millenialsonlyskimread

Y’all, how cryptic is that title?? I know, right? It sounds dramatic but it’s the truth!! The “game” started with a podcast I was listening to but I’m well aware it’s nothing new, on the podcast she said

Gratitude changes your attitude.

Revolutionary right? Well, sometimes you just need to hear the right words at the right moment for them to actually stick. So after hearing that, we began implementing it in our family by playing the “gratitude game.” We take turns saying something we are grateful for, it can be anything, the air we breathe, the shoes on our feet, the big hug dad just gave out, ANYTHING! If we are in the car and everyone is yelling and burnt out, one person just pipes up with “I’m grateful for…” and the whole mood completely changes and we start taking our turns, we usually do three rounds but more if we have more!

Kids are in a sour mood after school? Say 3 things you are grateful for! Mom is flipping out on dad because he just shrank another Anthro dress? Say 3 things you are grateful for! We do it when we are happy too but it’s definitely those times of anger, frustration, and stress that we really dig in and stop ourselves in our tracks. I even do it in my work life now, a client is skipping their invoice due date again, I’m still grateful! I’m scrolling on Instagram because it’s part of my everyday tasks and I see something that starts to make me feel jealous? I’m still grateful!

So next time you find yourself anything other than incredibly grateful for this chance at life we all receive, stop and say 3 things you are grateful for!! I promise it’ll immediately change the dynamic. Hunter is arguably the best at the gratitude game, here are some of my favorites that he says:

“I’m grateful that mommy found a parking spot.” Me too Hunt, I hate looking for parking spots!!

“I’m grateful that mommy took me to the super why house!” He’s referring to Imagination Station in Pensacola where we had a playdate ha!

“I’m grateful for a dinosaur that bit my toe!” No idea on this one! 😂


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