Sunday Stories: Our Life This Week 7

The week started off so fun!! We were at Disney World together and we even got a phone call from Nick.. totally out of the blue!! The kids hadn’t heard his voice in 7 weeks and that was so good for everyone! I’ll save the Disney content for our Disney blog but share a few here!! And by a few I don’t mean a few LOL but I have TONS more and will go into detail about food and rides on our Disney blog!

I LOVE this instax shot Hunter took by himself of a storm trooper!! If you know anything about storm troopers in Galaxie’s Edge, they are intimidating!! They stay in character!! And one stood still just long enough for Hunter to take this, it was so so cute.

We got stuck in the line waiting for the NEW ride, the kids were happy when they provided water and snacks!!

The most of amazing ride we’ve been on, truly!! It is an impossible choice between this ride and the new Harry Potter ride at Universal, both are SOOOO good!!

This Week

Ugh, our sweet dog was sick when we picked her up from boarding, I was SO worried for a few days there, she had us scared!! She is totally fine now thankfully!! And we made it to our first night of soccer practice, we’ll be at the fields A LOT! And this post is about to turn into a post about Hunter because he was so silly ALL week lol

Can’t keep this kid off the Peloton! Reading books in the hallway (YES, I swear I’ll decorate and organize those books soon!)

We’ve cut out tech completely!! No ipads, phones, electronics of any kind! They don’t watch TV anymore either!! We DO a movie once or twice a week, but I choose!! I can’t even tell you how much this change has been amazing for everyone!!! I will write a separate blog post!! But here is Hunter lounging and acting like a zombie after watching Zombies 2 on Disney LOL and showing off his fused beads he made all by himself (I ironed but he did the rest!!)

Look at these jokers!


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