Sunday Stories: Our Life This Week 5

We started off strong and organized the drawers, finally!!! Seriously these organizers are SO worth it!! I love being able to see every spice we have in a drawer, right next to the stove top!! And these bamboo organizers are amazing!! Hunter was a big helper!

How many pictures of the kids with our dog do I have? The answer is, the limit does not exist! SO MANY! She’s getting SO big so fast!!

These pictures were taken pre-deployment and they deserve a place here on the blog. We miss this guy like crazy.

I had to document them playing catch together, it’s a new thing!! They are close in age but the gap still felt “big” because they were so young, now that they are getting older, it feels much smaller. Hunter will outgrow Eli, no doubt there!!

I was showing kids pictures from our last deployment homecoming, LOOK HOW SMALL THEY WERE! Addison was 2 and Elijah was 4 months old, I had Eli by myself while Nick was deployed via c-section.. every time someone asks me how I did it.. the answer is “you just do what you have to!” When you don’t have a choice, it just happens!! It’s hard to explain. But I’m so thankful for these memories.

The kids are always finding funny imaginative activities to do with tech being gone. I love it!

I am TOTALLY here for love month, I’ve been wanting this artwork for a while now and finally purchased it!! I still haven’t painted the trim around my office, oh well, in time lol And I’ve been having fun doing my nails with all of the gel polish I purchased!

Addison being silly trying on my jacket (I’m not ready for her to grow up!) and Hunter showing me the “legoland” he created on his bed lol.

Another week down, we can do this!


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