Sunday Stories: Our Life This Week 4

The days are long but the years are short.. honestly this sentiment is so true. When you’re in the thick of it, you don’t want to hear it, but I’m documenting because I know I’ll look back and wonder where the days went. I’m writing these for us.


The week started out pretty uneventful! I’m super thankful for friends and getting outside. My kids are “car riders” which means I have to sit in a super long line of cars to pick them up from school!! So they are super excited when we walk to our friends after school instead! Documenting us getting outside, we need to do it more… every day?? Right now our street we live on is under major construction, it doesn’t bother me that often, except I don’t feel like my kids can hang out outside like they want to! Too many workers, trucks, everything. Hoping our little area of the street will be done by summer… maybe!


I staid busy with work today! I also got motivated to finally organize my kitchen drawers, which started with ordering drawer organizers on Amazon!! I shared this later in the week on Instagram stories and lots of you loved it! I will do a separate post dedicated to the kitchen drawer organization! I also ordered TONS of new gel polish colors because I love having my nails done, but HATE going to the salon. It takes way too much time and I’ve tried so many places and it rarely turns out how I want! I already owned a setup to do my own gel polish, I just needed more colors. HIGHLY recommend this brand if you do yours yourself like I do!


Early release days are longgggg. I don’t know why but that extra hour just makes the afternoon feel like an eternity!! I ordered a gorgeous original painting from a friend for Addison’s birthday, it’s huge, I know she’s going to totally freak out! She is OBSESSED with foxes.


Eli woke me up by telling me they had smashed glass bottles in the pantry – they were of course soda so sticky glass mess everywhere!! The last day of the month is always super busy for me with work.


Another 3 day weekend, I mean do my kids even go to school anymore? Kidding. We ran a lot of errands, bought paint to test in Eli’s room, and made returns! Hunter broke Addison’s favorite fox mug we had bought her for Christmas, apparently, we can’t stay away from this stuff, sheesh!

Saturday and Sunday

The weekends are hard (do I start every weekend recap like that?) but they are. I need to start coming up with something for us to do besides hang around the house but alas, I’m exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around!! You can see how silly things get (Hunter lol) since we have removed technology (besides the occasional movie, but I’m the only one allowed to touch the remote/turn one on!) We got bad news on Sunday from Nick about his deployment, but we take it in strides and keep going.


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