Sunday Stories: Our Life This Week 3

We have this ongoing joke in our family about “the round-down” or “the round-up” – basically, we tended to round up or down on things when it’s convenient, and then tease/coax each other for the real date, number, price, etc. Sooo you could say I’ve been doing the round-up with this deployment, oh I made it to 3 weeks? That’s basically a month? That’s practically 1 of X months out of the way!! But then I backpedal, okay no, it’s only been 3 weeks, ouchhhh. It’s safe to say we’re in a better place than we were in the first 2 weeks. Those first 2 weeks are days longer than you can imagine, trying to figure everything out, Murphy’s law with things going wrong, finding a groove with keeping the house clean when you have 4 humans and only 2 hands to do all the dishes, laundry, etc., not getting stuck in a rut with meals. This week was the first week I believed myself when I said, we’re going to get through it! Day by day. 10 seconds at a time.

Finally working on the gallery wall!! I haven’t shared my office we DIY’d or the desk we made on the blog yet, so here is a peek!!


No school! I dread 3 day weekends, an extra day to entertain the kids and battle to keep the house clean LOL Eli helped me clean the garage out and gather the many returns, and donations we needed to do!! We also made delicious sweet potato and black bean enchiladas for dinner, a must try!! And tried a new rice crispy treat recipe (oops, should def stop making so many sweets!!) Should we share that recipe?? My mouth is watering thinking about it! HA! We finally caught up on laundry this day too, what a relief!


A tough morning for me for personal reasons but we powered through this day. I also did a walkthrough of our house with our builders to talk about any warranty items that needed to be addressed (hint: A LOT!) and that was rough without my husband, I didn’t want to forget anything important!!

Wednesday & Thursday

We stayed busy with work and school and didn’t do too much. We did buy the supplies to begin making care packages for Nick monthly!! I’ll share those here as we do, I’ve been surfing Pinterest for ideas and have a quite a few I’d like to try!!


Friday morning was difficult for personal reasons. Afterward, my friend and I went to Target and Barnes and Noble for retail therapy (kidding, sort of) and I picked up a book for my son at her suggestion, Way of the Warrior Kid by Jocko Willink, I highly recommend if you have a boy in his age range (he’s 8!) I had a friend over in the afternoon and it was so nice to have company all day!!


The day started out lazy (as weekends do around here!) but we got it into gear in the afternoon and it was all hands on deck helping me clean out and empty the last of the boxes/totes in my office!! We filled the built-ins, trashed stuff, made a donation box, and seriously felt better by the time it was all gone off the floor!! Now I had space to work on the eclectic gallery wall that will go behind my desk in the office!! I was spoiled this week/weekend with friends because another friend visited by tonight and it was so nice to have an adult to talk to!!


The kids and I spent some time watching the documentary-style show on Disney Plus, The Imagineering Story, it made us so nostalgic for Disney (you know our love Disney parks!!) and it was fascinating to see how attractions came together!! The kids are going stir-crazy and want to get out of the house, I mean is Target 2 times in 1 week fine? Yes, yes it is.


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