Sunday Stories: Our Life This Week 22

This past week was heavy. I’m trying to focus on what is right in front of me, one step forward at a time, continuing to document this is important to me!

Starting with room progress for Eli’s room! I added the window trim, and painted the top portion of the walls white – once you see everything come together, you’ll see where I’m going with this!!

I swear Luna isn’t as big as she looks in pictures lol Addison being a sweet sister and reading to Huner in his room before bed (his room design is coming next!)

We went to Universal during the Annual Passholder preview!! The kids had a blast, I enjoyed my favorite drinks, Hunter cast spells with his new wand, and Addison got robes for her birthday, overall it was very special.

Our weekly Trader Joe’s trip, peonies are back!!!

More room progress!! It was still wet & drying in this picture.

Finally getting the tires and rims for the truck that we’ve been waiting to do!


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