Sunday Stories: Our Life This Week 2

We’re taking it day by day around here. I watched a show once where the character said you can do anything 10 seconds at a time, it’s totally true. When I feel overwhelmed by the number of days, weeks, months, we have left.. I stop myself and focus on getting through today. Being on this side of deployment is interesting, finding time to take a breather has been few and far between, in order to keep up with my demanding work, the kid’s schedule, the dishes, laundry, cooking, it feels never-ending. You don’t realize how much your partner helps you carry the burden until they are gone.

Any guesses on which faucet I chose?


It’s funny how when I write this at the end of the week, looking back to the beginning of the week, Monday feels like a lifetime ago! We took our SUV to the tire place to get it repaired. Of course, there was a wait so the kids and I walked to the nearest store, what do ya know, it was Lowe’s LOL I found some amazing bathroom faucets (I mean, of course, right!) that were on clearance, yep I bought them and emailed my husband “how hard is it to change a faucet?” Ha! The kids were entertained by the nice Lowe’s employee in the millwork section while I got quotes for interior doors (we need a few, more on that later!)

Omg, I had to attend a MIDDLE SCHOOL informational meeting. Yes, I am not old enough to have a child in middle school, ugh, or am I? Trust me when I say I was the only parent who hauled all of their kids to the meeting, it was eventful, to say the least. Now we’re having talks about electives, what math classes to take based on college plans, excuse me, but I am 100% not ready.

Most days I let Hunt fall asleep on the couch next to me, lazy parenting 101, and then walk him upstairs. Look how big he is though! Ugh!


We signed up for a Costco membership!! In my wise, albeit rash, decision to start making the kids lunch every day, we needed to stock up. Finally, a real legit excuse to need to go to Costco. We ran boring errands, made returns, had a nightmare encounter with the worst USPS employee ever, but at the end of the day, we felt accomplished!


Me, on Tuesday, “Why are people putting on their recycling? Weird!” – Me, on Wednesday, oh… because it was recycling day and now our bin is overflowing, whoops. Before Nick left he had me set reminders to put the recycling and trash out the night before and it worked the first week, but then my phone updated and erased those reminders, oops. The kids and I went to Target and Publix with every intention of buying healthy food and following a meal plan, we left with the ingredients to make cake batter cookies and not much else. Not sure if this day was a win or a lose, depends on how you feel about cookies I guess lol.


Work, work, work. That’s how I can sum up my day. When the kids got off school we headed to the pet store for supplies and ended up staying for an hour looking at all the cool reptiles and birds, you’re welcome kids for the zoo .5 experience. Without iPads and tv shows, we are finding new ways to pass the time. We Facetimed Nick and that was glorious, it won’t happen again for months so we were grateful for it!!


I didn’t sign up for this. Our puppy got sick, in the kennel, you can imagine the mess, and waking up at 6 am to that is not fun. Well, it’s never fun. Addison rallied and really helped me get it all cleaned up before school drop off. I went on a long walk with a friend and it was so nice to get outside!! We worked together to clean the house and get through the mountain of laundry that had been there since pre-deployment days. I vowed to never get that behind again.


The house cleaners did a deep clean and seriously, it makes everyone feel 1000% better!! I’m so grateful for them!! We stayed home and worked through the rest of the laundry, it was a chill day. We really want to go to Orlando soon but just aren’t ready quite yet. Hunter and I had a good cry at bedtime, he naturally starts to get chatty when he’s supposed to be sleeping and he kept saying things like “I wish daddy could be in the Navy but not on deployments.” He actually combines the word deployment and appointment and the cutest/funniest thing ever. Something like.. deplointment.


We did puzzles and more hanging out. We (and by we I mean me) couldn’t find the motivation to go anywhere. Depression is a strong word that I don’t think is appropriate, however, the weekends are the hardest for me. I start to feel “down.” The weekends were when we’d do so much as a family, so many things that don’t feel right without Nick here. So many projects and day trips and always go, go, go. I’m trying to figure out what routine works best to kick me out of the negative mood I can easily fall into on the weekends. The kids are great, everyone keeps asking, the truth is that they miss him, but they are busy and distracted with school, activities, and life. Me on the other hand, I notice his lack of presence a lot more, I don’t feel like I have anyone to talk to, vent to, share with, I definitely feel the burden of more housework. That’s the blessing of being 6, 8, and 10.. life is still pretty normal for them!



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