Sunday Stories: Our Life This Week 1

Deployment was something we were dreading desperately, we knew it was coming but we had gotten comfortable in our lives without it!! The last time Nick deployed, I was a spry 22, pregnant with our Eli, chasing a toddler, and life looked much much different. We’ve cherished the last several years without the burden of deployment looming. In fact, I’d say we compartmentalized a little too much because when the day finally came, our kids handled it smoothly and a little cluelessly. The point of these blog posts is for me to chronicle our days, weeks, and months.. to share with Nick while he is gone, or maybe to read when he comes back.. and to give me an outlet! I have a lot more I want to share on the topic of deployment but for now, I’m going to focus on recounting highs and lows of our past week.

Monday & Tuesday

The days leading up to D day were exhausting. So. many. errands. So many forgotten items. So many last-minute runs between stores. It’s hard to plan for something you haven’t done in years! We tried to find our GoPro (in fact we have THREE!) and they were missing.. that’s the sad thing about military PCS moves.. sometimes you don’t realize what has gone “missing” until it’s too late to report it. We are now up to over $10,000 in damaged or missing goods from our cross country move this past October from San Diego to Florida. Mind-boggling to say the least.

Wednesday… Deployment Day

We found out the night before that his flight had moved up, instead of a leisure day of breakfast together as a family somewhere, hugs, pictures.. we were given so little time. We woke the kids up at 5:30 am, out the door by 6:00 am.. stopped at Starbucks (no surprise there!) and I looked over at Nick and asked: “Will you have time to say goodbye, I thought you had to be there at 7?” He said, of course! Did that happen, of course… not.. lol. When we got there he had to jump out of the car and rush inside.. the kids took it well though and were able to give him hugs.. that is all that matters.

They took it so well in fact, I took them to school!! Originally I had planned not to, but I thought it better to be distracted and with their friends than to wallow at home with me. As soon as I got home, I got to work cleaning up the neglected house, organizing, and trying to stay occupied.

Eek a sneak peek of the built-ins we finished right before Nick left!! They are not decorated at all yet but I was testing some things out up there to see what I liked!

This homemade strawberry cake was delicious! Recipe here!


Hunter’s birthday!! Can you believe he’s six?? I can’t.. I feel like every day that passes and that he gets a little bit bigger, is so hard for me to let go of the toddler phase!! But that is well over now, he’s a small man child (haha!) and we all love him so much! I spent the entire day prepping for his birthday, last-minute gift runs, baking a strawberry cake per his request, a rainbow balloon arch.. birthdays are a big deal in our house even though we’ve never had a birthday party! (Okay not true, when Eli turned one he had a shared party with a friend.. that’s it though!)


We started this day with high, high hopes!! I told myself I was going to get so much done!! We headed out the door for school drop off and what happens immediately? I popped a tire!! As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to turn around and try to make it to the house before we were stranded or I was driving on the rim (and ruining it!).. we made it back! Woo, now what.. well I had shared online because I am me, and someone told me to check my insurance app for roadside assistance, and sure enough I was able to get someone to come out and put on the spare for me! Then I had scheduled a dog groomer to come to this house because our puppy, Luna, desperately needed it. They were a no show and my mood instantly went from bad to worse. Friday didn’t recover.. but I did pick the kids up from school and drop the tire off to be repaired.. so while it felt like a failure of a day.. we did something!!

On a house note, our HOA finally approved a fence!! Now we just have to wait for the company we hired to install it, I can’t explain how happy I am about this!! Kids + dogs need a fenced backyard, I know this is going to make life so much easier!

Hunter built a huge lego set from his birthday, in no time at all of course (I’m always so shocked at how fast he goes through a new lego set!!) And Eli was an amazing helper picking up all the laundry!!


The first “hard” day.. wow was Saturday hard. We stuck around the house and tackled the mountain of laundry, worked on legos, and did art projects. (Remember, we are doing no TV or tech.. iPads, etc. Yes, please question my sanity on why I would do this now of all times) I was thankful when bedtime rolled around, even if I didn’t get any sleep. I did hire interview and hire a cleaning person, praise beeeee I’m so happy she’s going to be helping me every now and then, for a working stay at home mom, this is one of the BEST investment you can make in my opinion. Now I just need to hire someone for the lawn because it’s so warm in Florida lately and the grass is getting so tall!


Weekends are weird without Nick, we usually have so much to do, so many places to go, and so many ideas for projects. But with the first weekend coming to a close, we hadn’t even left the house!! I noted to my future self that I couldn’t let that happen again, I need us to have something to do, otherwise, I spiral downward. We decided to go see a movie, Spies in Disguise! (On the no-tech note, movies are allowed occasionally!! If I turn it on for them, or we got to see one in theaters! It’s a treat for sure.) The kids really liked it, I thought it was a little too violent but overall okay, I’ve never noticed a kids movie use guns so heavily!

This week we’re looking forward to getting into a routine, getting the house more settled and organized.

Week one, down. Well it wasn’t a full week but we did it!


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