Palm & Co.

When I began my photography business in 2012, I had a budget of approximately zero dollars to come up with a website. I did have a great wifi signal and a MacBook though, so I taught myself how to create a website (thank you Jesus for Google). As the years went by, my fellow photogs started coming to me to help with their websites as well. March 1, 2015 I officially opened the doors on my second business, as a brand and website designer for small biz creatives. It has been a whirlwind these past few years working with so many insanely talented business owners on their brand and creating a web presence for them!

Things evolve quickly for me thanks to our lifestyle (hey military wife life!) and I’ve since began working exclusively with a few clients. They keep my calendar booked up with fun projects and I’m so grateful! For that reason, I’m not currently accepting new clients. Should I ever open the doors again, you all will be the first to know! Because I’m a total sap for my past clients, I wanted to include some of the projects I’ve worked on + handcrafted for these business owners!!

Interested in a website template created by me? I have created templates on both the Showit platform, and the Squarespace platform!! You can find the Showit templates here, and the Squarespace templates here.


A Few of My Past Client Projects

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