Our 5,000 mile summer road trip!

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I still can’t believe we did this trip! Honestly, it was an absolute blast!! Almost 5,000 miles, 3 kids and 2 weeks driving around the country!! We rented a Ford Expedition XL and we seriously loved it! There was so much room in that thing and it was such a comfortable ride! Our trip started in Denver, then we went to Waco, TX –> Houston, TX –> Pensacola, FL (to check out houses before we moved to the area!) –> Orlando, FL (because #HPnerd) –> Richmond, VA (for our anniversary session!) –> Savannah, GA (for work!) and back home to Colorado (with a stop at our friends house in MO on the way!)

Waco, TX

Of course, our main goal was to visit Magnolia market and it did. not. disappoint. It was incredibly beautiful, well-curated and just everything I imagined it would be. We stayed at a hotel just a few blocks from Magnolia so we could walk! If I were to do it again, I’d rent an Airbnb! The gardens were in bloom too and the kids loved the fairies and teepee! We checked out Heritage Creamery and drove around to as many Fixer Upper spots we could find on Google without being too stalker-ish ๐Ÿ˜‰

Houston, TX

It was just one day but I loved being back in Houston, they literally have ALL of my favorite stores. But best of all, they have my favorite place to eat – Tiny Boxwoods, thanks to a past bride of mine who used this location as her venue..ย don’t skip it if you ever visit Houston!

Pensacola, FL

We stayed on the beach and visited all of our old spots (this is where Nick and I met in 2008! Basically lifetimes ago!) Our main goal was to find which neighborhoods we’d want to live in before our big move. And it just made the kids even more excited about living near the beach again.

Orlando, FL

To say we loved being in Orlando and going to Universal would be the understatement of the year. I am a HUGE Harry Potter nerd so it was basically my dreams coming true at the same time as the kids simply because it was so magical. We drank butterbeer, purchased wands (that worked in the park, the kids were obsessed!), and rode the train back and forth between parks. On the first day we had no idea about ride swap but once a sweet employee told us about that, it was ON.. it really is the best deal! You wait in line together and when you get to the front, one person goes in the ride swap waiting room that is air conditioned and has closed doors and tv (hello toddlers!) while the other rides and then you switch! Which also means the older kids get to ride twice in a row!

Richmond, VA

We actually only drove up to Richmond so that Nick and I could take anniversary portraits with Katelyn James..ย I was literally jumping up and down when Nick agreed to do that session with me. I planned our outfits for months and had a bouquet made by a sweet local florist. It was so lovely to finally have portraits just the two of us since we never had an actual wedding.


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