Our 30A Staycation

I’ll be the first to admit that just 3 years ago I told a Navy spouse friend, “We better never go back to Pensacola!!” and even a year ago when we road tripped through, I was just NOT excited to leave beautiful Colorado for Pensacola. We’ve been here 6 months and I can officially say I am so grateful for this season of life for us. We are so incredibly busy (hello flight training for Nick!) and my business(es) <– LOL.. are changing in BIG WAYS. But guess what? My job allows me the freedom to take my sweet family to the beach so you better believe we are heading to the 30A as much as possible while we are so close! When we lived in Pensacola before, I didn’t even KNOW about the 30A.. and every time I hear another spouse say they haven’t been yet, I immediately launch into WHY they need to head down the 30A. I’m probably a little annoying about it ha!

I truly believe that we have to embrace life right where we are and that includes making the best of a new duty station.. so when we get to a new place, we always get out and explore. Try as many restaurants as possible! Go experience the blessing that we’ve been given with the PCS’ing we’ve been doing! Our kids love going to the beach and I love exploring Seaside and the beautiful beach towns.


Our Favorite 30A Towns:

Seaside, FL
Watercolor, FL
Rosemary Beach, FL
Alys Beach, FL

Our Favorite 30A Eats:

Raw & Juicy
Great Southern Cafe
Meltdown on 30A
Charlie’s Donut Truck


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  • Awe we own a beach house in sea grove just down the road from seaside. My parents just put it on the market after nearly 60 year of it being in the family. These photos bring back so many memories! Love this post