October Is My Spirit Month | A Halloween Memoir

Friends who know me well know that Halloween is my jam… like if you text me, yes I’m watching Hocus Pocus, yes I’m drinking a pumpkin spice latte and yes I’ve already put up my decorations. I’ve always loved the Fall but my love only grows deeper with each year. It has been so much fun seeing the kids come to love it as much as me, Hunter’s favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas (in ANY season lol). So just for funsies, I’m sharing costumes of Halloween’s past.

A witch, pirate, and vampire! 2014

His eyes always get me!! Addison had the exact same eyes.. so wild how they change over the years.

A rabbit, skeleton, and knight! 2015

My Nightmare Before Christmas tribe! 2016

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, 2017!

Updated to add 2017 costumes!! Obviously, a total favorite since I am Harry Potter obsessed + all my hard work and dedication to getting the kids to love Halloween + HP has paid off. YES! See the full post on 2017 costumes HERE!



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