Hello 2018!

Happy New Year friends!!! How is it going so far? Ours has been off to a chaotic start but I have so much hope for 2018 and all of the changes coming our way! (When is our life not changing!) I’m starting the year with an open mind and fresh heart. I’ve always been a list maker and I love writing down my goals and plans and January 1st just feels like a great time to reassess!! Sharing some highs (and lows) of 2017, plans for 2018, and how I stay on track!!

*P.S. I must say, I was in the middle of typing the above sentence when my pup knocked over my desk and broke both my laptop and screen (ouch pup, ouch) but hey, life is going on!! I have high hopes that it will work out.

In 2017 we made huge life changes (hey, that is kind of our style, yearly chaos lol) and moved from Colorado to Florida. We all miss it dearly but it is nice to have the gorgeous 30A beaches so close by! We made trips almost every weekend to the beach! Addison started the 3rd grade and Eli started the 1st grade! Nick started flight school (hello long hours and non-stop-studying!) I completely changed my business and made the decision to step back from accepting photography clients and weddings so that I could spend weekends with my family, as well as accepting far fewer design clients. I also discovered my love for essential oils and the community and wellness that has come along with that, it has totally changed the trajectory of our lives and I’m eternally grateful.

In 2018 we have even more changes coming our way!! We just moved (again) but this time, down the street to base housing. While it wasn’t fun to go from 3600 sq ft to 1200, we made it work and I actually love all the light and the white walls! I’m having fun decorating and the kids love it too, win-win. Nick will be up for selection soon (that means he’ll find out what aircraft he’ll be flying for the Navy!) so that could mean another move or it could mean staying here a little while longer. A lot of students stress about this phase but maybe it’s that we are old (compared to most of the students here lol okay not really I don’t think 28 is old lol) but we have already decided that whatever he gets will be exactly what he was meant to fly and we’ll be excited about that journey.

My favorite way to start the year is a fresh notebook and all my favorite planning tools. I love to create a vision board (taking it make to art class days y’all) and hang it up in my office. I grab whatever supplies I need and start to cut and paste, write, paint, whatever, to make a vision board I’ll actually want to look at all year + feel inspired by.

This year I’m using my trusty Power Sheets from Lara Casey for my big goal setting.

I’m using my Emily Ley planner, always, for my day to day.

I also have my Val Marie Paper prayer journal so I can spill my heart onto the pages with prayers.

Lastly, for my Young Living friends, I am using Bethany Shipley’s Diamond Workbook to keep up with day to day in my oils business.

Most of these are already sold out but I know they’ll be offering more, so keep an eye out!! I buy the Emily Ley planner every single year because I love the quality and layout so much!

I also choose a word every year for the upcoming year. I pray over the word and it’s funny how I always really feel led to that word, usually not knowing why and as the year unfolds, I see exactly why that was my word.

My word for 2018 is FREEDOM.

Do you choose a word? If so, I’d love to hear what yours is!! How do you plan for the New Year and stay on track? Share with me in the comments!!


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