Happy 8th Birthday Eli! Gift Ideas for Boys

Boy moms will know what I mean when I say, parenting a tween boy (ages 8-12) is HARD but rewarding! It’s such an age of exploration for them, and a learning stage as a parent! We are so grateful for this time with our middle guy, he turned 8 this past week and I wanted to share photos (so I can look back on these!!) and so I can share some gift ideas!! Shopping for this age is difficult, amiright??

We woke up early and headed up to Disneyland, my husband had to fly later in the evening, and Eli had requested it, so we made it a quick trip!! After some treats and rides, we came back so he could open presents. He was so darn sweet and made us feel like we were doing something right with all of the gratitude he was pouring out!! While the hubs was at work, we went to see the early screening of Toy Story 4! We all LOVED it, it was an emotional rollercoaster and truly such incredible animation!! I may or may not have parked in an insanely tight parking spot with my husband’s truck and had to call him to ask him to come help me out of it (omg fail lol) After our SUV ordeal for the past month, I didn’t want to chance a single scratch!!

Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Boy

Choose adventure and memories over “stuff” every time!! Sometimes the gifts we buy coincide with that concept, like this year we snagged him a cool travel duffle bag from Walker Family Goods so he could keep his stuff together (and separate) when we travel, he loved that!!

Screen time is an earned privilege in our house so I don’t usually give video games as a gift (a gift = MINE.. not an earned privilege) but the Nintendo has been such a fun addition to our house that the kids really enjoy together (we choose games they can all play) that they strive to earn their “game time” with their chores. They are on it 1-3x a month (less during the school year). More on that in another blog post!


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