Happy 4th Birthday Hunter!! Our favorite birthday traditions.

It’s a complete toss up between whether we love celebrating birthdays or holidays more. I think birthdays, there is just something so lovely about celebrating the day someone you love arrived into this world. Hunter, we love you with all of our hearts and feel so incredibly thankful you are a part of our family. You are the silliest, sweetest, most loving little 4-year old I know. We value traditions in this family big time, maybe because I never had any growing up, maybe because I love when my kids already know that something fun is coming for their birthday or holidays. The weeks leading up to are always filled with “I can’t wait for breakfast waffles!” or “What kind of balloons will we have??” We are all about being spontaneous but there is something about consistency that kids really value.

Our favorite traditions are…

  1. Covering the door with streamers so they have to “break out” in the morning!
  2. Blowing up a TON of balloons (not helium) to toss on their bedroom floor for them to also wake up to!
  3. Buying helium balloons, you can never have too many balloons 😉
  4. Breakfast waffles!! We always do a lot of fresh fruit, whipped cream, and sprinkles.
  5. Photos, because I think the word is #momtographer? I don’t know that I love that title but hey, I am what I am lol.

We went with a blast off/space theme, though we never really do parties.. there is just something about 10+ screaming kids that I can’t get down with. The kids don’t seem to mind, yet anyways. I bought the cake from Publix and had a lot of fun decorating it, I was inspired by Megan Faulkner Brown who owns the Sweet Tooth Fairy, she basically piles it on high and is super fun with her decor on cakes! I bought the supplies to decorate the top at Party City (along with the balloons) and I made the moon with my Cricut.

Sadly it was raining so you can def see how dreary it was in the photos, but Hunter could’ve cared less. Nick also had to fly so we opened the presents just the 3 of us because the older 2 kids were at school. They were super upset with us when they realized they wouldn’t get to see him open his presents, but we redeemed ourselves because we made a sweet video of him opening them. It honestly cracks me up how much they wanted to a part of that but then I realize it’s because we really do everything together. Y’all, we are that family that even grocery shops all 5 of us every time.

I hope this gave you a few ideas!! I’d LOVE to hear your birthday traditions in the comments!!

*I need spell check on Insta Stories LOL

These crack me up, he is so silly!

This is his ‘yoga pose.’

And completely passed out by the afternoon. I snuck in some reading time and loved every minute of it.


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