Halloween 2019

Halloween is favorite in our house.. and all of our friends know it! The bar is set high and honestly, we have so much fun coming up with costumes and decorations each year. We spent 3 weeks in hotels between the end of September and closing on our house on October 15th, so that gave us a tight deadline to put up decor!! Our youngest, Hunter, took it upon himself to find every Halloween tote in our garage and decorate himself, it was the cutest ever!! He didn’t mind one bit when I wanted to add a few things to the porch and restyle a bit, it was so sweet.

For Halloween costumes, we wanted to do a theme (of course!) and we chose Thor Ragnarok (if you haven’t seen it, go watch it, it is the funniest of the series IMO!) Each character fit the kids so well, it was fun to see them enjoy that aspect!! I waited until last minute but was thankfully able to snag everything on Amazon, thank youuuuu Amazon!! Hunter was Thor, his long blonde locks made him the perfect Thor, it was adorable! Eli was Loki, the God if mischief, very fitting. And Addison was Hela! In the movie, if you aren’t familiar, they are all siblings.

And last, but certainly not least, we welcomed a new family member home just before Halloween!! Luna is sweetest Bernedoodle you will ever meet! The kids are over the moon (and so am I!)


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