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Are you ready to get started with essential oils? Yes, friend!!! I purchased a starter kit of oils in 2014 and had no clue what I was doing!! Fast forward to 2017 and I was OBSESSED!!! When you purchase your starter kit from a person who offers resources, support, and all the things (like I do!!) then you get the full value of your purchase!! They call it the starter kit because it truly is the best way to get started + contains the TOP oils I recommend to anyone interested in trying essential oils!!

We have private Facebook communities, a guide that is more like a coffee table magazine designed by yours truly (me! lol!), and all the classes + resources you could ever want or need to start the journey towards kicking toxic products + beginning with eo’s! (Short for essential oils!)

When you join via my link below, I’ll send you happy mail containing the Guide to Essential Oils, add you to our private group, and extra goodies special to each month!!! September bundle is below and free with your starter kit purchase through September 30!!

The Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit

With your purchase of the Premium Starter Kit – you receive 12 essential oils perfect for everyday use, 2oz. of Thieves concentrate cleaner (you can make 2 16oz. bottles of cleaner with this!), 2 NingXia Red singles (our delicious antioxidant superfruit drink!), a Thieves hand purifier, AND a diffuser of your choice!! It’s over $400 of products, discounted to $165, truly the best value! You also snag a wholesale membership with your purchase so you can buy the products at a discount with your own account, no middle man!

Grab your Starter Kit NOW or keep reading for more details on promo’s!!

Ready to get your starter kit? Enroll with me via my link, make sure the number 2119046 is in both the enroller and sponsor fields. This ensures you have access to our group, the happy mail, my support, everything! Make sure you enroll as a member to get all the perks!

Personally, I recommend joining Essential Rewards when you purchase your kit – it has SO many benefits and ensures you are getting the most out of this journey!! Keep reading to find out why I love it so much!!

Choose the PSK (short for Premium Starter Kit!) you like the best! I started with the Aria diffuser because that diffuser is $231 even with a member discount – so grabbing it as your Starter Kit for $265 is the biggest bang for your buck!! They just updated it too with some amazing new abilities! It has a remote, a timer, and plays soothing sounds! My second favorite diffuser is the Desert Mist! That kit is $165 and it has several color options, even a candle flikr light mode, and a timer too! Choose your fave!

Below are the Essential Rewards promos for the month! It’s a totally optional way to earn free products if you’re ordering each month!! Not required in any way but in our house, we shifted our budget from buying these items at grocery stores, etc. to buying from Young Living!! Things like toothpaste, dish soap, laundry soap, vitamins, etc. all infused with essential oils!! Your starter kit can count as your first month’s essential rewards order if you want! (Just a head’s up, there is no contract, obligation, etc. you can start/stop whenever you want but you do earn points back on every purchase, and the longer you are on ER, the higher percentage of points back you earn!! I currently earn 25% back on every purchase, it’s amazing!)

All your questions about Essential Rewards, answered!

• No annual fees, no annual commitments, no ick! That’s right, start or stop at any time, though there are perks to staying on ER like the longer you are on ER, the higher percentage of points back you receive. Points = dollars to spend on the products you want!

• 50PV month – this means your order has to be at least 50PV per month or more – PV usually is about 1 point = 1 dollar for most products, I have no problem shifting $50 from my Target/grocery store budget over to YL and I love knowing that I’m buying clean, safe products, and earning points back and free products in the process! It’s a win-win!

Next, common questions about buying your Starter Kit!

• No annual fees, no pressure ever! Once a member, always a member! You don’t have to order anything unless you want to!

• Your referral link! Love the oils and want to share? Easy, everyone has their own referral link! Prefer to keep your oil-loving in the closet, you can do that too 😉 Everyone who joins has a member number, make sure you save it, write it down, put it in the notes of your phone, whatever! Save the 4 digit pin that you set up as well!

• 24% off retail – Yep, if you’re a member you receive 24% off retail prices of every product! It’s the best!

Ready to get started? Enroll today!

My favorite products and essential oils beyond the kit? Perfect for your first (or 2nd, or 3rd!) Essential Rewards order!

Purification – Bye bye stinky smells, hello fresh air! Purify the air! Add a drop at the first sign of a zit. Add to flowers to keep fresh longer, so many uses!!

Gentle Baby – Even if you don’t have littles in the house, this gentle calming oil is amazing! But especially if you do, add it to your order!

Copaiba – A magnifying oil, a sister of CBD! Include this one in your face serum!

Tea Tree – This oil is a go-to!! Hair, skin, everything! We have a lot of recipes for this one in our private group!

White Angelica – Emotional support, sleep support, all the support! We apply this one daily for high vibes. This oil is one of a kind!

Lime – Delicious and perfect for summer! A tropical oasis diffusing right in your home!

Orange – This citrus oil smells divine!! I love adding it to many blends, plus it’s an amazing mood booster! It uplifts you!

Cedarwood – Woodsy aroma, amazing for supporting sleep, and a must in many recipes!

KidScents – A line of pre-diluted oils for kids, we can’t live without these!!! The names say it all! It includes SleepyIze, Owie, Sniffleease, Geneyus, and Tummygize. Seriously if you have kids, grab these!

Thieves Household Cleaner – You’ll want more of this ASAP! A bottle is $22 and lasts us a year+ (One bottle makes about 25 16oz. bottles of cleaner, it’s amazing!!)

Charcoal Bar – Clean your face morning and night with this!! It’s amazing!

Mint Facial Scrub – Another favorite in our skincare routine!!! It smells amazing and is great at sloughing off dead skin, a must for new cell turn over!

Thieves Laundy Soap – It’s all we use, it’s HIGHLY concentrated, you use a tiny 1/4 capful per load!!! Your skin is your largest organ, making the laundry soap switch is huge!

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap – It’s at every sink, we want Thieves in and on our body as much as possible for it’s immune boosting support!!

NingXia Red – Yes!! I was so skeptical, and I’m so picky! But every member of our family LOVES their NingXia Red, it is packed with antioxidants and the nutrients your body needs! It’s a daily habit you want to have!

Ready to get started? Purchase your starter kit now!

All suggestions in this blog post are specific to Young Living Essential Oils and should not be used with essential oils from any other company. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please do not stop using it.


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