First Day of School 2019


I wasn’t sure the kids would get the traditional “back to school” this year, with our move to Florida coming up in a few short weeks, we really had to contemplate whether to have them start school here only to leave 3-5 weeks later. I was thinking about homeschooling (props to all you mamas rocking that!) them for just a few weeks so that it felt like an extended summer and they didn’t go back to school and start to get attached to their teachers and classmates, but ultimately that wasn’t going to work for us, so back they went!

Kindergarten, third grade, and fifth grade! Hunter says he wants to cut his hair when we move, but not until after. Addison and Eli are both just excited to see their friends and make new ones. I’m so proud of how resilient they are and I know it’ll be tough to move so soon, but they are super excited about the new house too and knowing it’s OURS and that we’ll be staying for a while.

Getting a photo without Hunter being silly would be impossible, but I love him for it LOL



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  • They have grown so much!!!!! I miss you guys so so much!!!! Please give them kisses and hugs from me! Love you all!!!!!

  • Awww Brianna they’re all so precious! Addison and Hunter remind me so much of you and Eli reminds me of Nick! You have a beautiful family! I’m so glad your family has had the opportunity to see so much and experience differences in the places they lived. My kids were in total culture shock when we uprooted and moved to Norfolk/Va Beach….seeing these pictures reminds me of when you were growing up, and remembering the cute little things Addison said when I saw her back here. wait what? LOL