Disney’s Star Wars BB-8 Kid’s Craft Idea

Ready for another easy craft idea? Today we watched Star Wars (thank you for 2.5 hours of silence) and afterward we made our own BB-8 craft! This was super simple and could be done a few ways, I’ll share how we did it + some ideas in case you have different supplies than we do!!

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper plate (could use white paper and cut the circle!)
  • Orange paper (could use white paper and color it in!)
  • Grey/Orange/Black Colors (we used markers!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

We chose to put the orange paper into our printer and print out the download (GRAB IT HERE!) – you actually only need 2 of the circle design, but I put 3 in case they made a mistake. You could just print on white paper though, or you could draw it and no need for a printer at all!! OR if you have a Cricut, use my design for that! See, lots of ways!

We did the cut out first, then drew/colored the head and attached with glue, then attached the circle orange design with glue, then added the last bit of coloring! Easy and entertaining, they all loved it!!


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