A Journey to Self-Care and Love!

2018 is the year that I am learning to love myself a little more and take care of myself (a lot more). Let’s do it together eh? It has taken me 28 years to learn that in order to care for others (read: my spouse + kids + team), I must first take care of myself. If our bucket is filled and runs over, we can pour into others! So I’m vowing to make this the year that I put my health and well being in my top 5, instead of at the bottom of my list.

One of the ways I am doing this is by practicing mindfulness. To me, it means to be aware and paying attention in the moment. Not living always distracted. For me, prayer and meditation go hand in hand but I have been more intentional with my quiet meditation time than before. I know, I know, it sounds woo woo. I’ve realized that I’d rather sound a little eccentric and share what has really helped than keep it to myself!

7 ways to be more mindful + practice more self-care!

1. Take a few minutes of quiet time in the morning before you start your day to center yourself and start the day on your own terms. For me, that means I’d rather set my alarm and wake up before my kids than be shaken awake by a yelling toddler.

2. Start the day with a book that will grow you personally, I love business books and personal development books. If you drive our kids to school, listen to it on Audible on the way! I also do Podcasts! I’ll share my favorites below.

3. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into negativity, don’t give it power over you! For me, this means I don’t listen to the news and I don’t read articles on the internet. They have a way of infiltrating my thoughts and dragging me down, killing my productivity and joy.

4. When I do have a negative thought or the kids are stressing me out, I immediately begin speaking to myself positively in my mind. Saying things like “I am peaceful, I am calm, I am present…” until I believe those things. If negative words have the ability to cause a physical manifestation, so do positive words.

5. I’ve already mentioned it before, but when tantrums and meltdowns begin to happen, we practice gratitude.

6. When it’s time to unwind at night, I like to read a fiction book so that my mind isn’t spinning with new ideas. I’ll also spill into my Practice You journal. It’s so powerful to put your thoughts into words.

7. As I’m laying in bed, before I go to sleep, I practice guided meditation and prayer again, usually with music and my diffuser going. I like to diffuse Peace & Calming or Sacred Frankincense. I have been obsessing over this listen.

1. The Universe Has Your Back // 2. The Universe Has Your Back Deck // 3. Finish // 4. Practice You

Also shared A Simplified Life in the picture at the top.. y’all Emily Ley is queen. I love her planners and her books.


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