30 Day Spending Freeze

Deeeeeep breath here y’all. I’m not even sure where to start other than to say.. I’m doing it. This time, I’m really doing it. I know it’s summer.. and I’ve likely lost my mind but sorry kids.. we are going on a spending freeze. For friends who truly know me, they know how much like blasphemy this sounded like to me and how impossible it might seem.

My Money Saving Summer

We are just diving right in, huh? So why go on a spending freeze? In the spirit of transparency and admission being the first step, yada yada yada, I’m listing things out, bullet list style.

+ Right now, every time I get paid, it burns a hole in my pocket.. not a notable trait I want to be passing on to my kids.

+ I don’t have a healthy relationship with money.. please for the sake of all things.. read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (Grab it here!)

+ I tried Dave Ramsey and failed.. epically. Yeahhhh I’m just going to need another envelope for that taco habit of mine. And Anthro… and Amazon.. and you get the point. I probably was missing some key element, who knows, maybe Dave will be something I try after this.

+ I want to do BIG things for the Kingdom here on Earth and in order to do that, you need money. Want to stop the orphan crisis? It takes money. Want to end hunger in America? It also takes money. Money in the hands of good people is a good thing. First, I have to get a handle on my spending problem. Because it’s just that, a problem.

+ How many of us are guilty of spending money because it makes us “feel better?” Well, that’s not how I want to handle my feelings.

Okay, I know what you are wondering, why 30 days? Honestly, because I’ve tried in the past to commit to longer and on day one I found an excuse to quit. I’d like to think I’m being strategic here because I’m setting myself up for success by starting this spending freeze when all of the birthdays and holidays (except my fave 2, Halloween and Christmas) are over for the year. July to August, a piece of cake right?

The Guidelines (not rules.. because I’m a rule-breaker)

+ 30 days, no excuses

+ Write a set budget, use everydollar.com to organize said budget

+ STICK TO THE BUDGET – this one is hard for me 😉

+ I don’t (tricking myself here because can’t is a much harder pill to swallow) need any unnecessary items, this means no Target or Starbucks (ahhh) runs for fun, no new clothes, gadgets, nada!

+ I’m personally skipping eating out as well because this is a HUGE weakness for us.. but yes I’ll still meet you for coffee, I just won’t have a coffee 🙂

What I am still spending money on

+ Food! Groceries, sustence..

+ House items.. we aren’t cave men people.. we will have T.P. 😉

+ Oils.. we use them in our home for wellness, sleep, immunity, cleaning, ALL the things, we can’t not 🙂

How To Get Through It

+ Jesus, we need Jesus y’all, I’ll be continuing to spend time in the word.

+ Accountability.. that’s why I’m telling all five of you reading this 😉

+ When I feel tempted I am going to go back to my “why.” Why does it matter? Who will be impacted if I can get a handle on this?

+ Staying positive and using positive language, it’s not that I “can’t” do something it’s that I “don’t” do it. I don’t smoke crack and I don’t drink Starbucks.. see how those two go together 😉

I’m sure by now you are just scrambling to figure out how you can take part in this too (har-har) but in all seriousness, if this speaks to you at all, hit me up! The more the merrier, and I promise instead of complaining a whole lot we’ll spend time lifting each other up and reminding each other that what we have is already everything we need.

P.S. I have a headstart because I lost my wallet two weeks ago (and purse and keys ) and that is makes spending money pretty challenging.. if you see it will you tell it to come home?

Kimmy Schmidt says you can do anything for 10 seconds at a time.


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