29 Things I Want To Do Before I’m 30.

Every year after 25 you start to ask yourself, wait, am I really another year older? Yes Brianna, you really are one year from 30. Insert feelings of nostalgia, gratefulness, slivers of regret, ideas, hope, #allthefeelings. Alright enough feelings, I want to talk action. I’m making a list of 29 things I want to do during my 29th year, have you done this? Am I out of my mind? Only time will tell. I’m going to report back every month on the 1st (we’ll see, I have 3 kids and work non-stop sooo don’t hold me to this standard lol).

29 Things I Want To WILL Do Before I’m 30.

1. Hang at the beach every chance I get. Less time behind a computer, more time in the sun, please.

2. Buy a bungalow and renovate it. Okay, only if the timing is right, we have to wait until we are at our final duty station and I don’t know that that will happen by the time I am 30. Here’s to hoping!

3. Go on a trip with just my husband. Preferably, somewhere tropical, or Paris, there is always Paris. We celebrate our 10 year anniversary in a few months (!!!!)

4. Be debt free. I’m talking cars too, maybe that Paris trip should wait until my 30th year instead of 29th 😉

5. Take back my health. Up until 5 years ago, I rarely had issues! I felt healthy, I was active, bla bla bla. Then I was persuaded into using birth control by a military doctor (surprise surprise there) Mirena, it was the WORST thing that could’ve happened to my health. It’s been on a decline since. Another story for another day, I want this year to be the year I put my health in my top 5 priority list.

6. LOVE on this blog. I want to document my sweet family. I also want to connect with other women in this season of life. I often see bloggers focusing on littles, or fashion, or homes, but I rarely see mama’s in this current season I’m in (and I know I’m not an anomaly!) Guys, it gets a lot harder after the terrible two’s (take me back right now, I LOVED when they were 2!) Andddd I am a business obsessed work at home mom.. this is my space to spill it all.

7. Replace my daily Starbucks with a daily smoothie. The green kind, ugh, I know, gross.

8. Be intentional and have quiet time daily. Meditate, journal, huff my diffuser, play with crystals, whatever, just 10-20 minutes of peaceful, intentional, quiet time.

9. Go on a girls trip. Sans husbands. Sans kids. 3 days minimum, please.

10. Practice yoga. Honestly, I know nothing about yoga, but I’m pretty sure I need to start doing it. I need some peace y’all, I’m an intense person, I need to be slightly less intense, I think yoga would help.

11. Get dressed more often. Remember that work from home bit? Yaaaa, I want to start getting dressed to my shoes 4+ times a week. Some of you are probably judging, but y’all it’s hard to want to get out of comfy clothes when you don’t have to leave the house in the morning and you just ramble into your office.

12. Visit Disney for the Flower & Garden Festival. I have a small window for this, but I NEED to make this happen in case we are moving out of Florida (again) soon. It already started!! It runs through May 28th.

13. Meet new friends every month. I know I’ve said it multiple times, but working from home + being a workaholic makes me the least likely to actually go out and meet people. I have plenty of opportunities too. I am committing to pushing myself and putting myself out there every month.

14. Sponsor 3 families at Christmas. This has been on my heart for a while, I want this to be the year we make this a reality. And hopefully every year after.

15. Take care of myself better. What might seem vain, is actually incredibly important, when you feel like the best version of you, everything you do is amplified positively. The way I interact with my spouse and kids, my clients, my friends. Yes, a pedicure really does make me happy and therefore fills my bucket so I am able to, in turn, fill another’s bucket. I put myself so low on my priority list for the longest time, I am committing to putting myself on the schedule again.

16. Start dating again. My husband, you guys, geez. I spent my 20’s making babies (lol), it’s our relationship’s turn to have a little more attention. Right now we do Friday nights at home together, we put away cell phones and we spend time together. This year I’d love to find a reliable babysitter and actually GO out sometimes with Nick!

17. Capsule Wardrobe. Two words that make me wonder if I’m losing it. I love shopping (too much). I also love the idea of intentional. A capsule wardrobe is the word intentional manifested. I tried this once before and it worked for a while, until I walked into an Anthro I’m sure. I want to commit to it for 4 seasons.

18. Release all grudges. Don’t need em, I forgive, I move on, what’s done is done.

19. Read Harry Potter again. I’m a devoted fan, but it’s been a while. We certainly have movie marathons monthly but it’s just not the same. 

20. Discover my family history. Buy one of the 21 & me things or whatever, fun fact (or not depending on some of you ha!) I’ve never met my dad, and my mom didn’t know her dad, and my great grandmother was adopted. Soooo basically I have zero clue about our family history. Will one of those blood test things clue me in??

21. Fly first class. No good reason other than because I want to.

22. Learn how to snowboard. I’ve wakeboarded since I was 14, is it the same? Probably not, I’ll probably be terrible but that’s half the fun.

23. Visit a vineyard or winery. I mean who doesn’t want another excuse to drink wine lol.

24. Rent a plane and let Nick pilot it. Honestly, this scares me, which is funny because he flies multi-million dollar aircrafts daily for the Navy. It would be an incredible experience. It cost a few hundred dollars to rent a plane for a few hours locally, not terrible!

25. Host a workshop. There are so many topics I love to teach on, I’ve always wanted to bring a group together and teach a workshop in-person. A photography or business-themed one!

26. Visit Miami. The food, the colors, the vibe. Maybe this needs to be the girls trip location lol.

27. Throw a surprise party. I love parties, I love surprises, I love planning. This is a match made in Heaven.

28. Keep my Fiddle alive. Well, all my plants really. I currently have 15+ (just call me #plantlady) but that status does not equate to a green thumb and every time one of my Fiddle’s leaves gets a brown tip, I lose a part of myself (just kidding, that’s dramatic) but really… it’d be cool if my Fiddle had green leaves instead of brown spotted ones lol.

29. Start every day fresh. Forgive the happenings of the former day, have hope for the current day, compassion for myself and others, excitement for the possibilities, the capacity to cultivate the life and legacy I want to have this side of Heaven.

If you made it this far, I salute you. Do you have goals, a bucket list (I hate that term lol), a regular list, whatever? Comment and tell me!


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