Gallery Wall Progress Reveal

I am * no * pro when it comes to gallery walls but now that I have a difficult one completed (almost, more to come on why lol!) I feel like I can confidently say, I’d do it again!! And you should try it if you have been too intimidated!!!

My first mistake was buying too many frames similar in size! Once I laid them out on the ground – they did. not. work. Back to Target I went, they have a great selection right now and I’m going to link some sources below!!

Once I had the layout down (which was made more difficult by the fact that I have molding on the wall, most will not have this issue!!) – I chose the images!! I wanted it to feel electric and fun, so I went searching online for digital downloads that I could easily print quickly at my local Walgreens (as a former/current photographer this makes me laugh, but I wanted same-day prints just to see how they looked!!) and that turned out just fine!! Once they were in the frames, I couldn’t tell they were low quality, one day I might replace with prints from my favorites like Artifact Uprising, or maybe I’ll save my budget for another project!!

Having the prints in the frames made me sure I’d made the right choices on frames. Next, I started in the left corner and just kept going!! Frame after frame went up, and I encountered a few issues but committed to figuring it out instead of putting it off!! I was using velcro strips (super convenient to make sure you get it level!) but it also meant I needed to DIY a little hack for a few of them by adding a piece of wood to the back to make it “float” off the wall when the frame bezel was too thin to attach velcro to.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, in fact I will be very soon in my son’s room!!

A blurry before, builder-grade beige paint, no molding, no gallery wall!



Wondering why I’m calling it a “progress” reveal instead of final reveal?? I’m adding sconces in the space at the top!! 3! I can’t wait to show you how that looks!!


Paint: Ben Moore Smoke (I use the Aura paint on the walls, the Advanced paint on the cabinets)

Thin Metal Gold Frames HERE (Square) HERE (Rectangle)

Beige Frames HERE

Thin Metal Black Frames HERE

Gold/Round Frame HERE

Gold/Square Frame HERE

Digital Octopus Print HERE

Digital Double Butterfly Print HERE

Digital Horse Print HERE

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