Black Pepper and Honey Baked Feta with Tomato Confit and Wine Reduction Pasta

One of my all-time favorite food bloggers, What’s Gaby Cooking, released a new cookbook in the Spring of last year, Eat What You Want, and it’s FULL of delicious recipes, highly recommend!! One of those is a black pepper and honey baked feta, it’s SO good and I’ve been making for a year!! After seeing many variations of this pasta on the internet, I wanted to have my own go at it! It’s too good for how easy it is to make!

I’m not the original creator, I just modified it to work for our family! Let me know if you give it a try!

There isn’t measurements because I don’t measure, ha! Seasoning is subjective so use what feels right! I used a Trader Joe’s butter but usually I’d use Kerrygold. For the chardonnay, I used about a cup.. but again, do what feels right! Yes, kids can eat this! The alcohol burns off in the reduction, the longer it simmers, the more it does. I simmered mine for about 25-30 minutes and you can tell when it evaporates/burns off. My kids loved this meal!

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Festive Holiday Halloween Cake Batter Cookies

White chocolate, m&ms, sprinkles, these are SO SO good!!! We love these easy to bake cake batter cookies!! They are delicious!!! We usually make them around holidays and just switch up the color/theme of sprinkles and m&ms!!! We’ve made them for every holiday this year!!

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Entry Drop Zone Makeover DIY

With no place for a mudroom, and school upon us.. I had the idea to make our little entry from the garage into a dropzone with a bench to hide shoes, and hooks for backpacks!! Thankfully Nick was on board. This was our first time doing beadboard, and our first time with wallpaper. Not sure

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DIY Garbage Hide Fence Surround

We needed a garbage surround for our house in a big way.. it looked terrible before!! We couldn’t keep our bins in the garage because we use it so often as a workshop.. and they stink sometimes!! This is for sure a 2 weekend project, unless you don’t have kids soccer games and lots of

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Gallery Wall Progress Reveal

I am * no * pro when it comes to gallery walls but now that I have a difficult one completed (almost, more to come on why lol!) I feel like I can confidently say, I’d do it again!! And you should try it if you have been too intimidated!!! My first mistake was buying

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Kitchen Progress Reveal and Details!

When we started looking at houses last July from afar our realtor was shocked we’d choose a house sight unseen from California all the way in Florida. To be honest, I’m the type of person that doesn’t have a hard time making choices usually, I know what I want (except when it comes to dinner

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Last Day of School 2020

Wow, it feels like a lifetime ago when the kid’s started Kinder, 3rd, and 5th last Fall, but it was only 9 months ago!! I love documenting the first and last day to see how much they’ve changed, and they did not disappoint.. look how much they’ve all grown!!! This photo below was the first

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Window Treatments in Addison’s Room

Adding window treatments to this room totally changed the space! I’d still like to add trim around the window, but that is a project for another day! We did DIY craftsman style trim around the windows in my office and they turned out so good!! For now, this update by adding bamboo shades and curtains

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Office Sneak Peek of Built-Ins

This project was our first major undertaking when we closed on our house!! The office doesn’t have a closet, and I need a lot of storage for props, gear, equipment, etc. so have drawers and cabinets was a must for us!! I will do an in-depth post on how-to, but for now I wanted to

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