The Navy Has Decided.

At the bar ready to hear their fate. Then at the tie-cutting ceremony.

Today was a complete rush of emotions, I didn’t know it was possible to feel so many about something we already felt peace about! We have honestly been avoiding thinking too much about it because you really just don’t know!! Well, we finally do know actually, and the Navy has decided that Nick will continue on to Advanced training for Rotary! Helicopters! If you didn’t know, before Nick commissioned and became an officer, he served as a Rescue Swimmer on the enlisted side. That meant he lived and breathed by the flight schedule in the back of helicopter for the first 8 years of his career, now it’s his turn to sit in the front 😉 (He’s 11 years in now for those of you counting/wondering.)

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Tomorrow We Find Out Our Future

Tomorrow, tomorrow Nick finds out what aircraft the Navy wants him to continue onward in training with. Tomorrow decides whether we stay where we are for another 8 months or whether we need to pack our entire house in 2 weeks. Tomorrow decides how the rest of my flyboy’s career will go. And it’s totally

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29 Things I Want To Do Before I’m 30.

Every year after 25 you start to ask yourself, wait, am I really another year older? Yes Brianna, you really are one year from 30. Insert feelings of nostalgia, gratefulness, slivers of regret, ideas, hope, #allthefeelings. Alright enough feelings, I want to talk action. I’m making a list of 29 things I want to do

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Valentine’s Crafting

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen my kid’s hands shoot up higher or louder “yes!!” from them than when I ask if they want to do a craft. Doing it in Addison’s bedroom? Not my best idea, there has been glitter sightings for days. We grabbed these wooden hearts from the dollar section of Target

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Our Easy Valentine’s Gifts for Littles

If y’all haven’t rummaged every bin from the Target dollar spot for Valentine’s day, are you even living? Just kidding but seriously the minute I hear they’ve stocked new stuff in that area, I rush to my local Target because ours always sells out so fast!! (That sounds dramatic, I am being dramatic here lol)

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Getting Festive! Free Valentine’s Downloads!

Happy Tuesday friends!! It basically feels like January will never end so I’m getting in the mood for February by whipping up these Valentine’s wallpapers!! Cute right?? If you want to dress your tech and get in the spirit with me, grab these freebies! If you download and use as your wallpaper, will you screenshot

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A Guide to Camera Gear and Getting Started!

Happy Friday friends!! I’m excited to start a new thing around here, tutorial Tuesdays (I know I know, it’s not Tuesday but hey I’m trying lol! Expect the next one on Tuesday, promise!) Annnnd we are beginning with one of my favorite things to talk about, camera gear!! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to

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A Journey to Self-Care and Love!

2018 is the year that I am learning to love myself a little more and take care of myself (a lot more). Let’s do it together eh? It has taken me 28 years to learn that in order to care for others (read: my spouse + kids + team), I must first take care of

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