Addison’s Back To School Mini Style

Apparently, I was on a red kick when I was shopping for Addison’s back to school clothes, she loves all of her new pieces though! I can’t believe we have a soon-to-be third grader in our house!! School starts next week for both Addison and Elijah and if I’m being honest, we are so ready. My kiddos crave the structure of going to school and love seeing their friends. Our new neighborhood is mainly retired folks and they barely saw other kids all summer! When we finally buy a house (thanks Navy for all those cross-country moves!) I want to randomly knock on the neighbor’s doors to see if they have kids.. is that acceptable? I think it should be.

We mainly shopped online at Zara with a few items here and there from other online shops because we live in small town America right now and there isn’t a Nordstrom within a 500 mile radius. I tried to choose pieces that she could mix and match easily (hello mini capsule wardrobe!) and we had a lot of fun trying on the clothes when they arrived. One of my fave items we invested in before she started Kinder was her Hershel Supply Co backpack, this will be her third year with it and it is still in perfect shape, must to her dismay because I’m sure she’d rather choose a new one every year lol. With three kids, slip on shoes were a must this year so she could easily grab ’em and go as we run out the door in the morning.

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight

Addison always has her sunshine roller with her, she loves the aroma and says it always makes her feel happy lol. What are your kids wearing back to school? I want to know!!


30 Day Spending Freeze

Deeeeeep breath here y’all. I’m not even sure where to start other than to say.. I’m doing it. This time, I’m really doing it. I know it’s summer.. and I’ve likely lost my mind but sorry kids.. we are going on a spending freeze. For friends who truly know me, they know how much like blasphemy this sounded

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The “Game” We Play That Changed Our Family Dynamic

*A super dated family photo because you obvs can’t do a text-only blog post these days right? #millenialsonlyskimread Y’all, how cryptic is that title?? I know, right? It sounds dramatic but it’s the truth!! The “game” started with a podcast I was listening to but I’m well aware it’s nothing new, on the podcast she

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DIY Bug Off Spray

It’s officially sticky hot here in Florida and that means.. ALL the bugs. Every single time we step outside, at least one of us is bit by an ant and those little guys freakin hurt!! I finally ordered the oils I needed to make our own bug off spray because Lord knows we need it! You know

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Our 30A Staycation

I’ll be the first to admit that just 3 years ago I told a Navy spouse friend, “We better never go back to Pensacola!!” and even a year ago when we road tripped through, I was just NOT excited to leave beautiful Colorado for Pensacola. We’ve been here 6 months and I can officially say

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Our 5,000 mile summer road trip!

I still can’t believe we did this trip! Honestly, it was an absolute blast!! Almost 5,000 miles, 3 kids and 2 weeks driving around the country!! We rented a Ford Expedition XL and we seriously loved it! There was so much room in that thing and it was such a comfortable ride! Our trip started

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Mid Century Modern Ikea Hack For My Office

I’ve been pretty dang obsessed with for the Mid-Century Modern style for a while now but it’s def not in my budget! Nick finally gave me the green light last fall to redo my office, cue the praise hands!! My first stop was re-doing my old Ikea Kallax unit. I found my ideas on Pinterest and a

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